How to Spend Quality Time with Your Baby Girls

The relation between a mother and daughter is pristine that there is nothing compared to it. But if you are a working mother, then you would know how challenging it can get to spend some good quality time with your daughter. You reach home late and you see it’s already past her bedtime. To spend time on weekends together with your kid too does not suffice.

kidology baby dresses

When you know of your hectic work hours, you try making an extra effort for them, but you fail. It sounds nothing but grimy of a situation. Wanting and looking to capitalize some quality time with your girls? Here’s how:

  • Buy clothes online: India as we know is a rising country now. And with the whole going digital and all things online, the stores too are flourishing online. You can certainly use this to your advantage. How? Spend some time browsing those amazing websites such as Kidology and get handful of designer wear for your girls. Name any occasion- a birthday or a party, purchase all. This way, you would know about your girls’ favourite choices of outfits and gift them accordingly.
  • Play dress up: After you have bought dress for girls, invest in play times with your daughters. Indulge in dressing them up like a doll, put light make up on them, do their hair and put cute little accessories that are not too heavy; there you have it. Your very own babies looking like dolls.
  • Click umpteen photos: Before you know it, your girls will be all grown up and becoming beautiful ladies. So click as many photos as you can. Cease the moments with your daughters while you are designating time to them.

In this way, you will not only re-live your childhood and miss your mother, but also feel the real inner happiness in doing this. After giving in your time to your little ones, you know you would have won their hearts all over again.


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