How to Make Your Baby’s Birthday Party Special?

For a parent, celebrating a child’s birthday is much more than decorating the house, calling his friends, and ordering the cake. It is all about creating memories that you and your child can cherish for the coming years. In case, you are thinking how to make this birthday super special for your child then we are here to lend you a helping hand. Read on to know more.

Pick a theme:

The best way to perk up fun in a party is by picking a theme for it. You can choose a color, cartoon, or something conservative, whatever goes best according to your taste. Little girls can choose a bit feminine theme inculcating solid hues of pink and purple whereas for young lads conservative themes work the best. Pick a formal tux or a traditional kids kurta pajama to make your boy look adorable on his birthday party.

Create an ambience

This one entirely depends upon the theme that you are going to pick. Creating the right kind of ambience is important part for any party and you must do this one with a tad-bit of discretion. Decorate your room with right kind of music, lights, and props to make it perfect to the T.

Homemade treats

Yes! There is always an option to order food or go to a restaurant after the celebrations but there is seriously no substitute for the homemade treats. It is definitely a healthier and tasty option. You can make mashed potatoes, a punch drink and the favorite pizzas and burgers to make all the kids happy.

Don’t forget about the return gifts

It is a good idea to give return gifts to all the guests who made your child’s birthday party a success. If you think that candies and food are too mainstream then you can buy clothes online to gift designer wear clothes to your kid’s friends.

Prepare Your Child for the Wedding Season

As we already welcome the summer season in full zeal, it’s time to get ready for the festive wedding season as well. Since Indian weddings are all about pomp and show, it’s better to be ready with the right fashion staple to stand out from the crowd.

Amidst the chaos of all grand celebrations and festivities, there is one important thing that all fashion frenzy parents should not forget and that is—getting a right Designer Kids wear for their child. After all, they deserve to look equally vivacious as their parents. In case you are confused about how to get your child dressed for a special event, here are some cues for you.


Get something in Gotta-patti work: Nothing speaks elegance better than a Gotta-Patti design. This particular design has become a hot favorite of Indian designers and as far as Ethnic Kids wear is concerned, this style especially works well in Lehenga-Choli and Dhoti-Kurta. We suggest you to get something in pastel shades as they are quite in vogue these days.

Kids designer Lehenga

Pay attention to comfort: You simply cannot compromise about the comfort factor, just because you want to make your child look stylish. Invest in something which is comfortable and stylish both. There is no point in buying a dress that might look good but make your baby feel all cranky and irritated. Buy something in chiffon, cotton, or silk, in which your child can feel a bit comfortable.

Buy something in pastels: Though children love wearing bright colors but it is better to go for softer hues like lime yellow, powder blue, and peach this season. Rather than picking something in extensive stone work, get your hands on bright floral embroidery on pastel colors. The key to stay fashionable this season is—Keeping it simple!

How to Get Right Clothes for Your Child?

All fashion frenzy moms love to shop for their kids and why not? After all, it’s their duty to keep them fashion ready always. Summers are here and it’s time to revamp your kid’s closet once again. We are sure that most moms must be thinking hard over how to get the right clothes in the closet. There are a lot many things to consider and so much less time. Here are few important things that all mothers can consider while shopping for kids.

Make the checklist of everything you want: This practice can help you save a lot of money. Make a checklist of how many pants, shirts, kids kurta pajama, socks, and footwear essential that you want for your child. Don’t splurge money on items that your child already have. It would be more like a waste of time and money.
kurta pajama
Make sure that the clothes are comfortable: There is no point putting money on clothes that your child is not comfortable in. If you are buying baby girls Lahenga choli for your little girl make sure it is made from good quality material. Kids seldom do wear clothes that they are not comfortable in and it is more like a waste.
kids wedding dresses
Invest in brands that your child specifically likes: It is always good to invest in things that your child adores. It is more like a gift for them and they wear it with happiness. You can buy some trendy clothes from Kidology, an all kids fashion store for your little one to keep them fashion forward.

Besides all the above mentioned tips, make sure you keep a space for clothes reserved for special occasions. Make a little room for ethnic wear as well so that you don’t have to put extra money on clothes during the festive season.

Deck up Your Little Doll in Traditional Wear

Summers are here, and so is the wedding season. Soon all of us will be shopping for jewelry, clothes, footwear and god knows what all for a fun-filled week. Amid all this hustle-bustle, mommies will also be searching for the perfect piece for their little daughter. So this wedding season, let go of the frill frocks and deck up your little cutie in Indian traditional wear. Here are some of the tips you can keep in mind while deciding to buy traditional wear for kids:-


• Measure your kid properly and then find a piece according to their size. Do not buy oversized clothes as it might turn into a nightmare. Same goes for tighter clothes. Appropriately sized anarkalis, suits and cutwork lacha would look really pretty on the little ones. Make sure that the length is not too long as the kid might get uncomfortable and tumble.

• Cut sleeves, elbow sleeves and 3/4th cuts are en vogue this wedding season. You can go for tighter sleeves or frills and trust your little one would look like star of the occasion.

Cute dresses

• With brands like Kidology, you will be able to find the perfect baby Girls Lehenga Choli. The best part about their collection is how they prioritize design element along with the comfort of little ones. They use quality fabric that doesn’t rub harsh against the tender skin of kids.

• Go for refreshing colours that will complement your baby’s cuteness. Shades like baby pink, light green, aquamarine blue, red, and pastel yellow, peach and orange will do wonders!

There are various stores that carry latest collection of wedding dresses for kids that are trendy, cute and comfortable. Just hit the right store, know the exact size, pick the right piece and dress up your little one with utmost care and love!

Latest Fashion Trends In Kids Clothing

It’s not a secret that children style is usually a manifestation of styles for adults. Boys and girls like to copy their parents in everything including clothing. Kids fashion trends for summer 2017 are recognized with an excellent number of silhouettes and mixing of various styles in one look.

The latest designer kids wear are full of bright colors, textures, patterns, and exude a bit of 90s nostalgia. Let us figure out what’re going to be the key children fashion trends this summer.
CaptureJumpsuits: The prime reason why jumpsuits are loved by both kids and adults is because they are comfortable and trendy both. Jumpsuits in rhombs, stripes, and cones are very much in this summer season and all parents should make sure that it is a part of their kid’s wardrobe.

Denims: Denims is a timeless garment and interestingly it is also trending in kids fashion clothing. Fashion frenzy parents should make sure to fill their little darling’s closet with as much denim as possible. This item also tends to be affected by fashion trends and throughout the coming season an emphasis will be made on lavishly embellished jeans with lace, deposits, fringe and studs. Denim pinafores and suits with lanky legs are sure to make a comeback as well.Indian dresses

Bright colors, patterns, and textures: The colors and patterns are almost replicating the adult trends in kids fashion clothing. This year, the most popular shades are natural hues which includes grey, steel brown, and fashionable white and black. These colors are specifically used in ethnic kids wear. However, bright shades are also present in kids wardrobes, particularly all tones of red: corral, pink, orange, purple and fuchsia. Bold prints are also going to reign throughout the coming season. Statement prints, appliqus and embroidery may add a genuinely young and pleasant vibe to kid’s clothing. Stripes and polka dots promise to become the key prints of the season.

Online Fashion For The Young Ones

Buying ethnic clothes for your kids can be an extremely cumbersome task especially if you are a working parent. With western attires being the dominant presence on the fashion front it is indeed a difficult task to get hold of traditional outfits for children. Most often the pragmatic problem that parents face while out looking for ethnic clothes for the little ones is the lack of options in this particular category for clothes.

This problem of lack of options has been resolved to a tremendous extent with the flourishing of plenty of online shopping sites. Whatever the occasion, online shopping caters to all your needs. With extensive variety of clothes, western, traditional or Indo-western, while out shopping for your children, you will most definitely be spoilt for choice. With plenty of designers making a foray into kid’s fashion wear along with their main stream fashion for adults, ethnic kids wear is the new rage in the world of fashion. Whether it is an outfit for a party, wedding or puja, the abundant options available in terms of traditional wear for the kids will ensure that shopping for your little ones is an exciting opportunity for you to dress up your kid up in the latest fashion trends.


One such ethnic outfit that has become quite popular over the time is the traditional boys designer sherwanis. With top designers making an entry in the kids fashion world, this particular traditional attire for boys has seen an upsurge in its popularity. Young fashion conscious parents while shopping out for their kids especially boys, prefer this traditional attire. A perfect blend of tradition and modern fashion sensibilities, this outfit ensures that your kid makes for a great fashion statement after adorning this attire.

One of the few places where this particular traditional outfit is available is Kidology. Being one of the leading online fashion portals, exclusively dedicated to kid’s wear; it will fulfil all your needs when you go shopping. Take a look if you haven’t already and dress your kid in the latest fashion trends.

Ethnic Fashion For Little Ones

Gone are the days when making bold fashion choices was only restricted to adults. The 21st- century kids are as fashion-frenzy as their parents and wish to be nicely styled from head to toe.

Talking about fashion, the wedding season in India is in full spring and kids wish to look as stylish as their parents. From telling their parents what kind of dress they would like to wear, what hue, which footwear, and what hairstyle, the little one’s seems ready to make a unique style statement.


With so many options out there in the market, as a parent, you must be in major dressing dilemmas. Don’t you fret! Glance through the latest ethnic fashion collection and style your little Diva or dude in a unique way.

The graceful Anarkali

The traditional Anarkali suit is comfortable and elegant both, something perfect for the wedding season. With so many options out there, it is suggested that you go for plain and floral patterns to style your little princess. Don’t go for those glittery pieces with heavy embellishments as they might not suit the personality of your little one.

The evergreen Lehengas

Let’s admit it Lehengas have a unique charm to them. Nothing could be better than styling your little Diva in a flowy and graceful baby Girls Lehenga Choli. Pair it up with a well-embellished jacket, peppy flares, or crop-tops to make your little princess stand out from the crowd.

Nehru Jacket for your young boy

Your young boy deserves to don a royal look this wedding season and what could be a more perfect pick than a Nehru jacket? This one is a perfect grab for a baraat and showcases the zest of the wedding season. Pair up the Nehru jacket with kids kurta pajama or a formal suit to don a perfect wedding look.

Formal suit for your little gentleman

This one is an exquisite and classic pick and sure to make your young man elegant! This little gentleman look exudes cuteness and grace. Pair it up with a black bow-tie and make your darling stand out from the crowd.

This Christmas Shop For The Best Kids Wear

For dressing up you little babies you must have a good knowledge about brands and designer wear clothes. Before you shop, remember not to compromise on the quality of the dress. But the problem is that finding good quality along with style is difficult these days, especially in the kids’ category. Some brands offer style but not good quality, while some offer quality but do not follow the trends. This makes the job of the parents quite difficult.

Here’s a solution to all your problems- shop for amazing kids’ party dresses and casual attire on! Simply visit the website and choose. This saves you a lot of time and efforts of searching around in the local market. Here, you will also get a wide range of designer options to choose from, be it ethnic wear, party dresses or casuals.


For special occasions and festivals in India shop for something else apart from the usual skirts, pants, t-shirts and frocks. Choose one of the elegant Indian dresses for your kid and let him/her shine out. You can always pair it up with cute accessories that you can find on Kidology. They got a beautiful collection of shoes, hats, bags, hair clips, etc. Especially the accessories for baby girls look adorable when combined properly. Never overdo it and add one accessory to one look.

Since kidology got items designed by amazingly creative designers, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong. The clothes will be of high quality and latest style so will be the accessories. Also, with the change in seasons the entire fashion world changes. You can easily find trendy clothes on Kidology as famous designers like- Gaurav Gupta, Gauri & Nainika, Siddhartha Tytler, NamrataJoshipuria, Ritu Kumar etc., design the dresses for kids. These designer dresses are beautifully unique; you won’t find these pieces in the local market or anywhere else. You can always choose the best options, save in your cart and compare before purchasing.

Know How To Style Your Little Baby Girl

It’s an absolute pleasure for a woman to style their little ones and if you are a fashion frenzy mommy then your most favorite “styling gig” must be styling your own little baby-girl.

Styling and accessorizing your little daughter is like playing and dressing up your own little real-life doll. It’s a loving and fulfilling experience, cherished by both mother and daughter. Though, mothers should not overlook some little things such as comfort, right kind of accessorizing, and proper color combination while doing their styling.


First and foremost, you need to give the highest priority to your daughter’s comfort. A beautifully designed dress may look superb on your little angel but you would definitely not like your girl crying and feeling irritated the entire time if she is not feeling comfortable. Be very particular about the comfort of your child. You can order kids clothes online as they are comfortable, made from high-quality fabric and affordable as well. Since Christmas is just round the corner, you can do online shopping for comfy leggings, cozy sweatshirts in dark colors and something preferably in Red and green.

If you remember the Diwali costume styles from last month, they were all about playing with patterns and various colors. You need to continue the legacy in Christmas time as well. Don’t forget experimenting with various patterns and colors. It is an amazing way to add some fun to your daughter’s wardrobe.

Once you have picked the right outfit for your little darling, it’s time to pick the right accessories. Tiny accessories are not easily available in the market and you will have a hard time finding it but in order to style your baby girl perfectly from head to toe, it’s important. Accessories like headbands, belts, scarves, and hats can completely change the entire look of the dress and make your little angel look like a princess from some fairytale.

Trendy and Stylish Colors That You Can Pick For a Family Wedding Functions

Selecting a dress for a family or friend’s wedding function is a difficult affair. We are pretty sure that you are taking all the essential advice from your designer friends and relatives to get some hot dressing ideas ranging from traditional to contemporary.

The next step after picking your favorite girls designer dresses is getting your dress in the right color.


In this blog, we will be telling you about some trendy and stylish colors that you can put on this wedding season. Have a look!

The Festive Orange

If you have finally decided to wear an Anarkali suit this wedding season then pick it in the color orange. Pair it up with a heavy neckpiece. It is a great choice for attending the main pujas. you can also pick a lahenga in this color.

The Amiable Aqua

Aqua is simple and effective. It’s a perfect color to don a sweet look this season. If you are wearing an aqua colored saree then pair it up with pearl jewelry to sprt a classic and elegant look. If you are buying kids clothes online in India this festive season, specifically buy it in aqua blue.

Deep sea green

This color is soothing and charming. Deep sea green can be paired with softer shades of coral or pink. You can also pair it up with warm golden color. You can go for elegant Anarkalis, salwar suits or a heavy dupatta in this color.

The blooming blue

It is quintessential of every wedding function wardrobe. You can have in shades of royal blue, deep blue and classic blue. A perfect choice for any cocktail party or reception. You can choose a little blingy one in this color.