Dress Your Baby Girl According To The Latest Fashion Trends In The Market!

Fashion trends are like changing seasons, they come and go in a matter of months or weeks. It’s difficult to keep pace with the changing fashion styles but it is always interesting to chase them.

If you are a fashion-frenzy person then we are sure that you wish to keep your kid ahead in the fashion race as well. So this blog is for those fashionista moms who wish to dress their baby girl according to the latest fashion trends. Let’s check out some of them.

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Embellished footwear

Cover the tiny toes of your little one in some style. For little girls, it is all about more sparkles and glitters. You can go for shoes embellished with pearls or bow buckles. Look for slippers that are adorned with some beautiful ribbons and rosettes.


Ruffles have an element of charm to them. They are eye-catching and look very festive. This Diwali season we are expecting Diwali dress for girls with a lot of ruffles. They can completely transform the look of your little girl’s attire and add a dramatic flair to it.


Layers are trending this season and we are sure that your young lady would look fabulous in it. It’s a more functional style and would take the style statement of your little lady to a whole new level. Chambery shirts are quite popular this season and would look great on your little bud.


Strips can never go out of style. The black and white were trending in 2014 and in 2015, thick bright colored strips were in and we are expecting it to be the same this year. Stripped shirts or frocks can be paired with neutral or printed bottoms.

We hope that this blog will help you dressing up your daughter in style. We suggest you to check out an online portal Kidology for buying beautiful and graceful dresses for your little girl.


How to Spend Quality Time with Your Baby Girls

The relation between a mother and daughter is pristine that there is nothing compared to it. But if you are a working mother, then you would know how challenging it can get to spend some good quality time with your daughter. You reach home late and you see it’s already past her bedtime. To spend time on weekends together with your kid too does not suffice.

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When you know of your hectic work hours, you try making an extra effort for them, but you fail. It sounds nothing but grimy of a situation. Wanting and looking to capitalize some quality time with your girls? Here’s how:

  • Buy clothes online: India as we know is a rising country now. And with the whole going digital and all things online, the stores too are flourishing online. You can certainly use this to your advantage. How? Spend some time browsing those amazing websites such as Kidology and get handful of designer wear for your girls. Name any occasion- a birthday or a party, purchase all. This way, you would know about your girls’ favourite choices of outfits and gift them accordingly.
  • Play dress up: After you have bought dress for girls, invest in play times with your daughters. Indulge in dressing them up like a doll, put light make up on them, do their hair and put cute little accessories that are not too heavy; there you have it. Your very own babies looking like dolls.
  • Click umpteen photos: Before you know it, your girls will be all grown up and becoming beautiful ladies. So click as many photos as you can. Cease the moments with your daughters while you are designating time to them.

In this way, you will not only re-live your childhood and miss your mother, but also feel the real inner happiness in doing this. After giving in your time to your little ones, you know you would have won their hearts all over again.

Why Buy Designer Wear for Children?

The age of fashion is here, and the latest entrants to this world are the kids. It was not that long ago, when even the phrase kid’s fashion wear was somewhat of an unknown phrase. Up until then, kids had a small section allotted in retail stores or they would wear second hand clothes of their elder siblings and such. The reason for this was mainly that the body of young kids changes on a frequent basis, so buying new clothes would be heavy on the pocket as parents would need to buy new clothes almost every six months.

But that mentality also made it difficult for parents to find good outfits for their children for any important family function or event. Parents would before usually just dress their kids in a smart shirt and pants and that would be it. There was virtually no range or options when it came to kids fashion wear. That is slowly changing though, as the kid’s themselves are becoming more socially aware and are forming their own fashion choices and such. This has increased the demand for designer kids clothes, as kids and parents are no longer fine with just normal outfits for special occasions.

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It is not just the style and trends which has made designer clothes for kids such a rage. The fact that their quality and making is the finest also attracts parents over to it. Taking into regard that children have sensitive skin and can easily develop skin problems like rashes and such, parents have to take extreme care when buying clothes for their children.

And with some of the top designers making their way into the kids fashion wear, one can surely be assured of fine quality and also that their kid will look the best in the crowd. It is quite easy to buy Ritu Kumar or Gauri and Nainika kidswear these days.

Why Go Indian with Kids for Wedding Functions?

These days kids and parents are becoming quite fashion conscious, something that was not really into existence up until a few years earlier. But nowadays, kids from a very young age only are certain about what styles, cuts and fashion they want to follow and ultimately wear. This trend has not gone unnoticed by the fashion industry, and has instead produced a hoard of designers eager to dip their toes into this as yet unexplored avenue of fashion. There are all kinds of fashion collection for kids starting from their very birth and going on till their pre-teen or teenage years.

These days one can easily find a wide range of infant girl clothes from both name brands and retail stores. This in turn has made shopping for kids a fun and interesting activity when the family has to attend a family function or wedding. Parents no longer have to just dress up their kids in their cleanest clothes and can actually pick something that in demand at the time.

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One style that is truly in vogue these days is Indian formals for kids, and that includes kurta – pajama sets, lehenga for girls, sherwani and more. Western wear has its advantages, but there is nothing better than typical Indian wear for auspicious events like a wedding or puja. There are also a few factors that put the scales in favour of Indian wear.

Finding kids wedding dresses that accomplish all those factors is extremely difficult, but Indian formal wear meets them in every way. They are comfortable to wear and as easy to take off, the fabrics are almost always child-friendly and most importantly, it is super easy to move around, run and play or dance in Indian wear, something that western dresses are not able to meet till yet.

Tips To Buy Kids Wear For Your Little One

Nowadays, shopping for kids can be a tedious task for parents. This is because kids today are well aware of the latest fashion designs and trends. They know what is in trend and what is not. They are very particular about which dress they want to wear on a particular occasion. This sometimes makes it difficult for parents to do shopping for their little ones. Here are a few tips that may help parents buy trendy clothes without any fuss:

Take your child along when going for shopping: if you take your child with you, it will help you in more than one ways. You can try the dress on the kid and see if it fits perfectly or not. When kids go along with their parents they also have an option to choose the dress they like, and this reduces chances of them not liking the dress later.

boys kurta pajamaTake note of the latest trends: knowing about the latest fashion trends in kids wear will help parents buy a trendy dress for their little one. Nowadays, there are a number of brands selling a variety of kids wear clothing for every occasion. So, whether you want to buy a pakistani eid dress for your little angel or boys kurta pajama, you’ll find a range of options to choose from. It’s always a better idea to buy season friendly dresses for warm and cold months.

Don’t compromise on quality: when buying clothes, it’s always a smart idea to invest in quality wear. Make sure that the fabric is tough yet comfortable. You must also check the stretch of the clothes, strengths of the buttons and zip (in case of jeans and pants) when making a purchase.

Keep all these things in mind and it will help you purchase the best clothes for your little ones. Happy shopping!

Why Kurta Pajama Are So Popular For Kids Wear?

Shopping for children can be both a good bonding experience as well as an exhausting one. In today’s time especially, with kids wear and kids fashion gaining popularity each day, children have a wide range of outfits and styles to choose from. There was a time when children would just be dressed in a simple jeans and shirt, whether one is going out for a family dinner or a fancy event like that of a wedding. For boys and girls, parents can find multitude of designs fit for almost every occasion.

There are still some staple kinds of outfits that parents can always fall back on, to make their child or children look presentable. One such outfit is the Indian kurta pajama, which is something that is available for both girls and boys. Being a traditional yet formal outfit it will suit all types of events be it a puja or a party or a wedding.


The reason why the style of a kurta pajama is so popular among kids wear is that it is extremely easy to put on and take off. Unlike a suit or a gown, which are difficult to get a child to wear, kurta- pajama sets are easy to wear, even on their own.

It should also be taken into consideration that a kurta- pajama set fits into the kids formal wear section, so they are eligible to be worn at important functions too. Their versatility in style and fabric too makes them a popular choice, as clothes for children have to be made keeping in mind their sensitive skin. Most of the time these sets are made from soft fabrics like cotton and linen which are soft and being natural materials do not harm the kid. Thus, that is why kurta- pajama sets are so in demand for kids wear.

Best Ethnic Dresses For Your Little Ones

When there is a function like a wedding or an engagement in the family, the preparations for it start month in advance. One of the important parts of all the preparations is to buy a stylish dress for the occasion. For adults, it is quite easy to buy an ethnic dress as there are a number of showrooms that have amazing collection of ethnic dresses. But when it comes to buying a dress for the little ones, the options are quite less. You’ll find very few showrooms that have ethnic dresses for kids.

lehenga 2

Buy you don’t have to worry any more. There are stores like kidology that have come up with amazing collection of kid’s designer wear. If you are looking for Indian wedding dresses for kids, visiting this store will be the best option for you. Here you’ll find beautiful traditional dresses for kids of all age groups. Listed below are the dresses that you can buy at their showroom:

Pastels Dresses - Kidology.PNG

Gowns for girls: If you have a baby girl, the options for wedding dresses will be many. You can choose an elegant and sparkling gown for her, which will just be perfect for the occasion. Kidology store has a beautiful collection of gowns for tiny tots, so do not forget to visit their store if you are planning to buy a gown for your little one.

Lehenga: Nowadays, lehengas are not just for adults. Little girls love wearing them too! You’ll find beautiful kid’s lehengas in vibrant colors and interesting designs. Just keep in mind that you choose a one which is comfortable for your little one to carry.

Kurta-pyjama: when it comes to baby boy clothes for a party or function, a traditional kurta-pyjama is the best option to go for. It is comfortable to wear and is available in a range of color and designs. But, if you want an indo western dress, you can go for a black and white suit which looks equally good.

4 Valuable Tips on How To Get Your Kid Into Modeling

It’s always a proud feeling for parents when people say that their kid should be on TV. Although the fashion and cinema world is bad mouthed by a lot of people, there’s really nothing wrong with dreaming about fame. If you think your kid is pretty enough to become the face of modeling, you must consider it as an exciting option.

Today, little models are required to promote designer pieces for kids. Different brands hire kids for promoting everything from kids’ clothes and shoes to bags and sunglasses. The trend of kids modeling has become so popular that a number of online shopping websites are in need of kids and toddlers for publicizing baby designer clothes.

Lehenga Choli - Kidology

If you wish to get your kid into modeling, here are few tips to follow:

• Take natural photos: Modeling agencies want to see all the kinds of expressions that a kid can give. You can take random pictures of your kids without makeup at home and make a collection of them.  Take head-only and full-body pictures of your kids and get started.

• Stay flexible: Stay flexible with your schedules. Be ready for the short-notice auditions and go-sees. You are going to meet a lot of people before your kid finally makes it to the profession.

• Don’t be shy: You and your kid must be stay prepared to meet strangers. If your kid is not shy of meeting different people and is comfortable spending time with them, it would work in the positive direction for him.

• Be thick-skinned: Modeling is a profession where you will come across a lot of rejection. Never take it to heart. There will be times when your kids’ pictures will be returned to you. Don’t let it bother you. Keep moving ahead.

Kidology, which is a leading name among the kids wear online shopping sites, could be a good start for your kid for showcasing designer dress for boys and girls. Contact Kidology for all your kids wear needs.

Top Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton for Your Kid

Kids are about ten times more delicate than us. It is the responsibility of every parent to take care of the fragility of their kids and handle them with utmost care. Now clothing has a lot of effect on a child’s skin. When it’s about clothes, you just can’t compromise on quality. Today, a lot of people prefer organic clothes over conventional cotton for their little ones. As a matter of fact, the pesticides and insecticides that cotton clothes contain, may cause several neurological diseases, cancers, reproductive problems and many more diseases. Organic cotton, on the other hand, doesn’t contain such chemicals and are a perfect substitute for cotton.


Here are few more reasons why you should buy organic clothes for your kid:

• Organic cotton is super soft. It is free of all those harsh chemicals which could irritate your baby’s tender skin. Further, the material is durable too. If you wish to keep your child comfortable and happy, buy kids dresses made of organic cotton.

• When conventional cotton stays in the field for a long time, fungus grows into the fiber. The fungus absorbed through your kid’s delicate skin can cause allergies, respiratory problems and rashes. There is no such development of fungus in organic cotton.

As the demand of organic cotton is increasing, more and more shops are offering Indian as well as western attire for kids made of this material. So whether you’re shopping traditionally or going online to buy clothes for your kids, choose organic cotton and bring to your kids a world of joy and comfort.

If you are looking for little girl clothing stores for your princess, shop from Kidology and choose from a wide range of stylish clothes and accessories.