How to Make Your Baby’s Birthday Party Special?

For a parent, celebrating a child’s birthday is much more than decorating the house, calling his friends, and ordering the cake. It is all about creating memories that you and your child can cherish for the coming years. In case, you are thinking how to make this birthday super special for your child then we are here to lend you a helping hand. Read on to know more.

Pick a theme:

The best way to perk up fun in a party is by picking a theme for it. You can choose a color, cartoon, or something conservative, whatever goes best according to your taste. Little girls can choose a bit feminine theme inculcating solid hues of pink and purple whereas for young lads conservative themes work the best. Pick a formal tux or a traditional kids kurta pajama to make your boy look adorable on his birthday party.

Create an ambience

This one entirely depends upon the theme that you are going to pick. Creating the right kind of ambience is important part for any party and you must do this one with a tad-bit of discretion. Decorate your room with right kind of music, lights, and props to make it perfect to the T.

Homemade treats

Yes! There is always an option to order food or go to a restaurant after the celebrations but there is seriously no substitute for the homemade treats. It is definitely a healthier and tasty option. You can make mashed potatoes, a punch drink and the favorite pizzas and burgers to make all the kids happy.

Don’t forget about the return gifts

It is a good idea to give return gifts to all the guests who made your child’s birthday party a success. If you think that candies and food are too mainstream then you can buy clothes online to gift designer wear clothes to your kid’s friends.


Why Buy Designer Wear for Children?

The age of fashion is here, and the latest entrants to this world are the kids. It was not that long ago, when even the phrase kid’s fashion wear was somewhat of an unknown phrase. Up until then, kids had a small section allotted in retail stores or they would wear second hand clothes of their elder siblings and such. The reason for this was mainly that the body of young kids changes on a frequent basis, so buying new clothes would be heavy on the pocket as parents would need to buy new clothes almost every six months.

But that mentality also made it difficult for parents to find good outfits for their children for any important family function or event. Parents would before usually just dress their kids in a smart shirt and pants and that would be it. There was virtually no range or options when it came to kids fashion wear. That is slowly changing though, as the kid’s themselves are becoming more socially aware and are forming their own fashion choices and such. This has increased the demand for designer kids clothes, as kids and parents are no longer fine with just normal outfits for special occasions.

floral dresses - Kidoloy

It is not just the style and trends which has made designer clothes for kids such a rage. The fact that their quality and making is the finest also attracts parents over to it. Taking into regard that children have sensitive skin and can easily develop skin problems like rashes and such, parents have to take extreme care when buying clothes for their children.

And with some of the top designers making their way into the kids fashion wear, one can surely be assured of fine quality and also that their kid will look the best in the crowd. It is quite easy to buy Ritu Kumar or Gauri and Nainika kidswear these days.