How to Make Your Baby’s Birthday Party Special?

For a parent, celebrating a child’s birthday is much more than decorating the house, calling his friends, and ordering the cake. It is all about creating memories that you and your child can cherish for the coming years. In case, you are thinking how to make this birthday super special for your child then we are here to lend you a helping hand. Read on to know more.

Pick a theme:

The best way to perk up fun in a party is by picking a theme for it. You can choose a color, cartoon, or something conservative, whatever goes best according to your taste. Little girls can choose a bit feminine theme inculcating solid hues of pink and purple whereas for young lads conservative themes work the best. Pick a formal tux or a traditional kids kurta pajama to make your boy look adorable on his birthday party.

Create an ambience

This one entirely depends upon the theme that you are going to pick. Creating the right kind of ambience is important part for any party and you must do this one with a tad-bit of discretion. Decorate your room with right kind of music, lights, and props to make it perfect to the T.

Homemade treats

Yes! There is always an option to order food or go to a restaurant after the celebrations but there is seriously no substitute for the homemade treats. It is definitely a healthier and tasty option. You can make mashed potatoes, a punch drink and the favorite pizzas and burgers to make all the kids happy.

Don’t forget about the return gifts

It is a good idea to give return gifts to all the guests who made your child’s birthday party a success. If you think that candies and food are too mainstream then you can buy clothes online to gift designer wear clothes to your kid’s friends.


How to Get Right Clothes for Your Child?

All fashion frenzy moms love to shop for their kids and why not? After all, it’s their duty to keep them fashion ready always. Summers are here and it’s time to revamp your kid’s closet once again. We are sure that most moms must be thinking hard over how to get the right clothes in the closet. There are a lot many things to consider and so much less time. Here are few important things that all mothers can consider while shopping for kids.

Make the checklist of everything you want: This practice can help you save a lot of money. Make a checklist of how many pants, shirts, kids kurta pajama, socks, and footwear essential that you want for your child. Don’t splurge money on items that your child already have. It would be more like a waste of time and money.
kurta pajama
Make sure that the clothes are comfortable: There is no point putting money on clothes that your child is not comfortable in. If you are buying baby girls Lahenga choli for your little girl make sure it is made from good quality material. Kids seldom do wear clothes that they are not comfortable in and it is more like a waste.
kids wedding dresses
Invest in brands that your child specifically likes: It is always good to invest in things that your child adores. It is more like a gift for them and they wear it with happiness. You can buy some trendy clothes from Kidology, an all kids fashion store for your little one to keep them fashion forward.

Besides all the above mentioned tips, make sure you keep a space for clothes reserved for special occasions. Make a little room for ethnic wear as well so that you don’t have to put extra money on clothes during the festive season.

Why Go Indian with Kids for Wedding Functions?

These days kids and parents are becoming quite fashion conscious, something that was not really into existence up until a few years earlier. But nowadays, kids from a very young age only are certain about what styles, cuts and fashion they want to follow and ultimately wear. This trend has not gone unnoticed by the fashion industry, and has instead produced a hoard of designers eager to dip their toes into this as yet unexplored avenue of fashion. There are all kinds of fashion collection for kids starting from their very birth and going on till their pre-teen or teenage years.

These days one can easily find a wide range of infant girl clothes from both name brands and retail stores. This in turn has made shopping for kids a fun and interesting activity when the family has to attend a family function or wedding. Parents no longer have to just dress up their kids in their cleanest clothes and can actually pick something that in demand at the time.

kids wedding dresses

One style that is truly in vogue these days is Indian formals for kids, and that includes kurta – pajama sets, lehenga for girls, sherwani and more. Western wear has its advantages, but there is nothing better than typical Indian wear for auspicious events like a wedding or puja. There are also a few factors that put the scales in favour of Indian wear.

Finding kids wedding dresses that accomplish all those factors is extremely difficult, but Indian formal wear meets them in every way. They are comfortable to wear and as easy to take off, the fabrics are almost always child-friendly and most importantly, it is super easy to move around, run and play or dance in Indian wear, something that western dresses are not able to meet till yet.