Latest Fashion Trends In Kids Clothing

It’s not a secret that children style is usually a manifestation of styles for adults. Boys and girls like to copy their parents in everything including clothing. Kids fashion trends for summer 2017 are recognized with an excellent number of silhouettes and mixing of various styles in one look.

The latest designer kids wear are full of bright colors, textures, patterns, and exude a bit of 90s nostalgia. Let us figure out what’re going to be the key children fashion trends this summer.
CaptureJumpsuits: The prime reason why jumpsuits are loved by both kids and adults is because they are comfortable and trendy both. Jumpsuits in rhombs, stripes, and cones are very much in this summer season and all parents should make sure that it is a part of their kid’s wardrobe.

Denims: Denims is a timeless garment and interestingly it is also trending in kids fashion clothing. Fashion frenzy parents should make sure to fill their little darling’s closet with as much denim as possible. This item also tends to be affected by fashion trends and throughout the coming season an emphasis will be made on lavishly embellished jeans with lace, deposits, fringe and studs. Denim pinafores and suits with lanky legs are sure to make a comeback as well.Indian dresses

Bright colors, patterns, and textures: The colors and patterns are almost replicating the adult trends in kids fashion clothing. This year, the most popular shades are natural hues which includes grey, steel brown, and fashionable white and black. These colors are specifically used in ethnic kids wear. However, bright shades are also present in kids wardrobes, particularly all tones of red: corral, pink, orange, purple and fuchsia. Bold prints are also going to reign throughout the coming season. Statement prints, appliqus and embroidery may add a genuinely young and pleasant vibe to kid’s clothing. Stripes and polka dots promise to become the key prints of the season.


Why Go Indian with Kids for Wedding Functions?

These days kids and parents are becoming quite fashion conscious, something that was not really into existence up until a few years earlier. But nowadays, kids from a very young age only are certain about what styles, cuts and fashion they want to follow and ultimately wear. This trend has not gone unnoticed by the fashion industry, and has instead produced a hoard of designers eager to dip their toes into this as yet unexplored avenue of fashion. There are all kinds of fashion collection for kids starting from their very birth and going on till their pre-teen or teenage years.

These days one can easily find a wide range of infant girl clothes from both name brands and retail stores. This in turn has made shopping for kids a fun and interesting activity when the family has to attend a family function or wedding. Parents no longer have to just dress up their kids in their cleanest clothes and can actually pick something that in demand at the time.

kids wedding dresses

One style that is truly in vogue these days is Indian formals for kids, and that includes kurta – pajama sets, lehenga for girls, sherwani and more. Western wear has its advantages, but there is nothing better than typical Indian wear for auspicious events like a wedding or puja. There are also a few factors that put the scales in favour of Indian wear.

Finding kids wedding dresses that accomplish all those factors is extremely difficult, but Indian formal wear meets them in every way. They are comfortable to wear and as easy to take off, the fabrics are almost always child-friendly and most importantly, it is super easy to move around, run and play or dance in Indian wear, something that western dresses are not able to meet till yet.